Will Hillary divorce Bill soon?

A thought occurred to me as i read about Hillary Clinton’s “last stand” against Mr Obama. If she lost the nomination, would she then – after a suitable time – give Bill the boot for being so generally unreliable as a husband in the past? 

I know, thinking out loud. But I wouldn’t be surprised.

Will Hillary divorce Bill soon?

One thought on “Will Hillary divorce Bill soon?

  1. LOL, well if she does, then I would ask her to be a spokes person for our site! I work for http://www.firstwivesworld.com and I would be the first to try and speak with Hillary if she were to divorce Bill. I’m not speaking for my site I’m just speaking as an individual but if Hillary were to divorce Bill I don’t think anyone would blame her. She has been through so much with him and to be honest I think he is more of a liability that support right now.

    Just my two cents,

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