Why another blog?

Just in case anyone actually reads this and thinks – “but isn’t he already posting here, and here?” – this blog is an experiment. In finding a voice that flows more naturally than article-oriented blogs; in self indulgence; and in the fact that I liked the URL and wanted to register it. I wanted to have a go at the kind of stream-of-consciousness blogging that some of my esteemed colleagues practice, out of curiosity as much as anything. It will concern itself more with tech issues and my professional life, for what its worth.

If you found yourself here but don’t know how or why, move along, nothing to see.

Why another blog?

One thought on “Why another blog?

  1. Moving along, as requested…

    Actually, I’m lying, I have a couple of cracking URLs and I’ve been thinking of doing the same thing.

    What bothers me is that someone will join the dots and look at both my Jekyll and my Hyde. But then, perhaps, my private thoughts are more sinister than yours. (If you could read my mind now, I am fuming at a certain large organisation – and it’s not Microsoft (for a change))

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