When did blogs tip?

I’m currently re-reading The Tipping Point by Malcolm Gladwell, largely because I could no longer remember what “Maven” meant and I thought I’d better check. Also, Mr Gladwell’s started his own blog – I’ll dig out the link when I have a moment.

Right now, I have a question – when did blogs tip exactly and what caused it? I’d put it about 2 years ago, but its a guess. One thing I do notice is that the law of the few – the tipping point theory that explains how trends are transmitted – relates both to blogs and to bloggers, which are both Connectors and Mavens. Its an important point, and one which merits more thought. For now consider this a bookmark!

Final note – Connectors link people to people; Mavens know lots about things, and want to tell others. Sound familiar?

P.S. Also just bought – the Wisdom of Crowds – that’s next!


When did blogs tip?

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