What a way to start RSA – with a virus

Well, well. The last thing I expected to see when I plugged in my SD card this morning, was a virus. I think I must have been picked it up earlier in the week. as I was transferring files between computers.

First thing was when an AVG window popped up, to say a file was being quarantined. When the file re-appeared, I knew there was something awry. For anyone who is interested, it was the “microsoftpowerpoint.exe” virus – conveniently explained (along with removal instructions) on the Trend Micro web site, among others.

(Unless I speak too soon,) I got rid of the blighter in the end. But it was a timely reminder that, while the debate should quite rightly shift to take into account the true breadth of the risk landscape, that ol’ external threat is still alive and kicking.

Nigh time to check those signature files are up to date, before heading off to the RSA conference in London next week…

What a way to start RSA – with a virus

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