What a nice man – Mike Oldfield’s Changeling

From yesterday’s Publishing News:

Oldfield to donate autobiography money

ROCK GUITARIST MIKE Oldfield, who is writing his autobiography for Virgin, has announced that he will donate all proceeds from the book for the first two years to the mental health charity SANE. On publication he will also auction the guitar that was used on his classic Seventies album Tubular Bells, in aid of the charity. The phenomenal success of Tubular Bells led to mental health problems for Oldfield who commented: ?For some time I have wanted to tell my story, particularly the dark and difficult times I went through when I was making my early albums. This book is my way of off-loading the past, and I hope it will help others as they face up to challenges in their lives.? Virgin will publish Changeling: The Autobiography of Mike Oldfield in May 2007.

What a thoroughly generous gesture – I’m all for the idea of course, though I’m sure this will raise more than I ever could. And yes, I can confirm that the book really is nearing completion!

What a nice man – Mike Oldfield’s Changeling

6 thoughts on “What a nice man – Mike Oldfield’s Changeling

  1. jones says:

    Good news Jon!. Do you know if the book will have illustrations?

    And, if you hear something about a spanish edition of the book, let us know!

    Greetings from Spain ūüôā

  2. Neil says:

    Hello Jon

    I’m so looking forward to this book … May 2007 seems a long way off !!!

    Considering what Mike’s said about the book already I doubt* he’ll mention anything about his current project .. the ‘very long instrumental’ .. but I hope he does !

    * Then again he may considering the new album is (according to Mike) a sort of return to what he did in the 70’s ?


    P.S. How much of the book is in Mike’s own words , Jon ?

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    As mentioned just previous to this, I’m up in Stamford for the annual IBM software group (SWG) briefing even. It’s always nice to go into a conference or “summit” with a theory to or question to test out, as Jon…

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