Weird Week

This week has been, well, weird. I thought I had nothing to do, but nature abhors a vacuum… what has actually happened is that I have discovered a whole variety of things that have been forgotten or left by the wayside during my more busy times. There are diary clashes, unfilled forms, an article for I was supposed to write last week, honestly its a wonder I manage to get out of bed, I wonder how I do!

Plus, at the end of last week I managed to hook my wife’s bumper on a post and rip it off the car. Such a simple thing, such an expensive thing… and such a lot of trouble I’m in given that she only bought it two months ago. Fate is not without a sense of irony, as two days later it was her birthday and I was planning on purchasing personalised number plates. It helps, of course, to have a bumper to stick them on.

Work is up and down. Some great things happening – a few nice little earners, then of course there’s the books, but there’s no clear pipeline. “Worst comes to the worst,” I said to my friend George at the weekend, “you could always get a job!” she interrupted, a thought that left me feeling just a little queasy. Well, I could, but, no. Not an option!

Weird Week

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