Update to Marillion book

Update: I’ve now submitted the fixes – thanks for all your help!

We’re reprinting some copies of Separated Out – and taking the opportunity to fix a few errors in the text. If anyone knows of anything they’d like to see fixed that’s not already been listed here, please could they add a comment to this post. Thanks!

P.S. If anyone was having problems accessing the Separated Out microsite, these should now be fixed – just hit refresh on your browser. Thanks again!

Update to Marillion book

7 thoughts on “Update to Marillion book

  1. Got them thanks – here we go:

    p287 Bibliography

    Firstly, you haven’t listed my website in the bibliography. Any chance you
    could add it in on the website, and list it in the errata section. I have
    no problem with my interviews being used, but would prefer them to be
    referenced. The address is http://www.btinternet.com/~europeans ‘The Rainbow
    Room’, ‘Europeans & How We Live Pages’

    p266 H / Woore Gig

    Colin Woore joined Steve on stage for ‘Working Town’ on the 8th August gig
    at Dingwalls in the year 2000, Not the Spirit / Body 2001 gigs.

    p262 Marillion Demo

    ‘Kingdom Come’ , one of the tracks included on Steve’s legendary Marillion
    demo, was taken from the Europeans album ‘Vocabulary’, not ‘Recurring

    p261 Ferg is ill

    Ferg recovered from his illness and rejoined the band at Rockfield Studios,
    having only missed two weeks (the band had only recorded two tracks without
    him). Without this resolve, the text might suggest that Steve Greetham
    (“hastily pulled in to fill the gap”) was a replacement for Ferg.

    p261 Toni Childs

    Singer ‘Toni Childs’ is mis-spelled ‘Tony Childs’


    I doubt that the ‘Double A side’ free single was “the band doing their own
    promotion.” I showed a copy of this to Geoff Dugmore a few weeks ago, and
    he had never seen it !

    p260 Ferg again

    I would add the Ferg Harper was “on bass” AND vocals. Steve and Ferg
    shared lead vocals in the Europeans.

  2. Steve Wood says:

    Just a small point – my name is mis-spelled on p20 – should be Steve Wood NOT Steve Woods. Proves I read the book I suppose!

  3. somewhere in the book it says that marillion played live with queen in 1987. this cannot be as queen didn’t play live again after their 1986 show in wembley.



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