Travel Forward 2019: Let’s do this

You know that thing when you realise there’s under two weeks to go? I’m reviewing the final PDFs of the Travel Forward conference agenda right now and once again I’m staggered to think how it has gone from the aspirational, yet largely empty canvas of six months ago, to the packed, exciting and dynamic programme we now have. 

As I’ve been briefing speakers, the message has been simple: senior technology decision makers from across the travel industry will be coming to days one and two of the conference… but what happens once they have gone home, slept, woken and arrived back in their workplaces on day three?

Our goal is not only to inspire but to educate, with practical steps that enable attendees to take their businesses forward (the clue’s in the name). I say “our” – I’ve been lucky enough to work for, and with some really smart people to pull this programme together. 

So, team, speakers and attendees, let’s do this – let’s make Travel Forward 2019 a conference to remember, where preconceptions are left at the door and where hopes and dreams are replaced by practical and actionable steps towards genuine, technology-powered opportunity. 

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Travel Forward 2019: Let’s do this

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