This morning I shall mostly be…

Installing Ubuntu Linux in a Microsoft VirtualPC virtual machine. And some other things besides.

For my own future reference as much as anything, I had to:

* install in safe graphics mode so that the display was viewable during install

* reduce the colour depth to 16 bit (booting in recovery mode and running “dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg”)

* add the parameter “i8042.noloop” to the kernel command in the file /boot/grub/menu.lst so the mouse can work

* log in as root and run “dhclient” to pick up an IP address from my wireless router

* (update) added “snd-sb16” to the file /etc/modules, to enable sound

There – so easy my granny could do it 🙂 I then downloaded all the patches (180Mb of them) to be up to date.

First impression – not too shabby! I’m running 2Gb of RAM, so I’ve allocated 500 Meg to Ubuntu and its running fine. Nice, clean interface as well – and plenty of games!

This morning I shall mostly be…

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