The VaioPad – Pictures

Here’s some pictures of the Vaiopad. Note I didn’t have the recognition software running at the time – the priority was to get the page done. First, a front view in its case – note it is upside down, to facilitate being viewed when carried. Or something.

VaioPad 1

Here’s a picture of the edge, showing the duck-taped hole to reveal the ports.

VaioPad 2

The computer out of its case, again upside down for no apparent reason.

VaioPad 3

Here’s the computer, demonstrating how the screen is indeed detatched from the base. I think it might have voided the guarantee, but I’m not sure 😉

VaioPad 4

Finally a shot to show how the screen re-attaches to the base of the laptop.

VaioPad 5

The VaioPad – Pictures

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