The latest in anti-navel gazing technology

I was starting to be very impressed with Qumana. Then, on my way over to San Diego, I indulged myself in a “why do I blog” post. You know that sort of thing – I’m participating, how cool is that, its a social revolution etc etc. It was a great post – lyrical, even poetic, with just a soupcon of hubris.

I saved it in Qumana to upload when I got to a connected space… or at least, I thought I did. When I got there, all I found was a file with a link to the one blog post I mentioned, from David Terrar. All my musings, rantings, cleverly counterpointed justifications and criticisms were gone.

I can only assume that Qumana, being the latest in social technology, has some kind of leading edge, anti navel gazing filter (I can’t remember if this was my idea or Cotes, but by that time we were just guys in a San Diego bar). In which case it really is an incredible piece of technology. Alternatively, perhaps it was just a bug. In more ways than one, I should probably get around to reporting it.

If it was that clever, perhaps I just did.

The latest in anti-navel gazing technology

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