The best conference giveaway ever

Just back from Storage Expo, which was a surprising amount of fun – generally beacuse it was great to catch up with a number of people I’d happily call friends if I ever saw them more than once a year. The sessions were good as well, particularly the Dragons Den thing. Those vendors really can be good sports!

But anyway, I just have to comment on the Gyrotwister I picked up at the PCICASE stand. Its a gyroscopic spinner that you have to try to keep going by the power of your wrist. Forget the hats, t-shirts and pens, this is the business! Though it could get you some funny looks if you tried it out in public… it comes with a CD-ROM, which can measure the RPM by listening through the computer microphone. Just how cool is that. I thought the USB hub and cup warmer I picked up at a Dell gig was the ultimate, but this thing wins hands down. You can even get one with lights


The best conference giveaway ever

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