The Bells

Here’s a snippet from Mike Oldfield’s Web site:

“Hello you !
It has surely been a time of big changes and realisations these last few months, not least of which has been the writing of my Autobiography. This is nearing completion with the help of my co writer Jon Collins and hopefully will be published this year if not early next. During the process of bringing this book to life I have realised a great many things about myself and my position in the scheme of things.( Oh for the gift of hindsight ! ) This will surely influence my future personally and creatively.
I have contractually three and a half more years to work on a new piece of music so this will give it a chance to evolve and mature nicely. Meanwhile look out for some promotion for the Platinum Collection , the book , and who knows what else
the fates may send . With all my best wishes : )”

It’s a cracking story, and I’m delighted to be involved.

The Bells

25 thoughts on “The Bells

  1. LivingForever says:

    Great news! It’s about time there was a decent book about Mike’s entire career, and to have it written jointly by Mike himself and the man behind the excellent ‘Separated Out’ book is a dream come true. I hope there will be good coverage of all periods of Mike’s music and live shows… Cheers, James

  2. Mariano says:

    “Endings are just beginnings…” Mike,we need something like Amarok. You can call it “KORAMA” (or tortilla con patatas)a long long “piece of music” just for the people who are waitting for another beginning.

  3. Arturoturok3 says:

    Hello from Spain !!

    I?m happy with these news. I hope this book don?t close Mike?s career because i?m waiting for that piece of music that would be a return to the beginning. Oldfield can create another “big” album to be remembered, and i hope this will be the next.

  4. jones says:

    Hi from Spain! Excellent news

    Only a question: Will be Mike’s Autobiography avaliable in spanish language?

    It would be fantastic to see archive/new photos on the book’s pages too!

    And Mike, don’t forget your fans: We believe in you, we’re hoping for a beautiful long piece of music, like you can only do, but don’t make us wait for so long 🙂

  5. TaurusV says:

    Ohh, that’s a great new!!! I hope the book will be sold in Spain!!! We love the Mike’s music and now We love your Book, Jon!!

    I hope the book will be about the life of Mike as artist, and the influence of his personal life in their compositions.

  6. Alberto says:

    From Spain (We are a lot)

    First,I?m sorry for my English. It’s a very good new that you and Mike are making his biography. In your hands are the responsability of reflect the life of one of the genius of the music, althogh I suppose you know it. I hope the book will be written in Spanish also.

    Second, Mike, hey you… I know you aren’t going to read these comments, but i don’t mind. Do you listen to Ommadawn someday, or Amarok, or Five Miles Out…? You should do it if you don’t. It isn?t necesary a long theme in your next album… only more work and sense for your part, it means, more guitars… and less computers… and please, show us your musa, Say good bye with a big work.

  7. I do hope that with Mike’s autobio lots of people will stop and think about their lives and think about their past and present to face the future in a more mature way like what’s happening to Mike himself with this book.

    I’m glad to know that he wanna share his personal journey on a book,and I can’t wait to read it!

    Fingers crossed from a fan in Brazil 😀

  8. Hello Jon.

    Mike’s musical life is exciting. I am wanting to read the book.

    In Spain we are many Mike’s fans. I think that it would be a very good idea to translate the book to spanish.

    Greetings from Spain.

  9. jose says:

    HOLA soy jose, si se que no me conoceis, tengo 21 a?os y mi sentimentalismo por mike oldfield es infinito por ese motivo se?nt? una gran emocion al conocer la noticia de la autobiografia de mike una obra indispensable como indispensable es tu musica mike sentimiendo emocion dinamismo, todos mis sentidos peudo activar porque yo no escucho yo siento tu musica hasta lo mas profundo del corazon. gracias mike por haberme dado la vida musical, gracias.

  10. Hello from Nashville, TN. It’s fantastic that Mike has decided to take a look back over his life and write about it. I look forward to reading it in detail! As a musician myself, who like Murray Gold (writer for the Doctor Who music), I was also very insprired by Mike’s ability to play many instruments and play them good. So, his determination fueled my determation to play all the instruments myself and create without having to rely on others. But as I introduce more and more local musicians to Mike the one thing that is universely agreed upon is “he’s put too much into computers and looping instead of writing since 2000!” I do hope that this look back will inspire him to throw out every computer he has and play instruments! After all it was his abilities as an amazing musician that inspires NOT his ability to loop and computerize!

  11. Jeppe says:

    Hmm… A autobiography with/about Mike Oldfield. Something i always wonder is how mr Oldfield “sees” bits of music? Like a rainbow? Like frequenses as colurs? Like a virgin? I dont know… Please can you ask him? You think this is a strange questions? Well Mike has done som magic (and strange) music. I dont mind to go five miles out in his head to find his holy music graal.

    Sorry for my bad english.


  12. DarkStar says:

    Another spaniard here! 😀

    I hope that, with his Autobio, Mike will learn from his mistakes and successes and make him think about what he has been doing the last years and his numerous contradictions

    Mike: Back to the origin, back where you belong. We want to see less artificial/synthetic music and more emotion, organic sound and work in your music. Your Guitar is your voice, then talk to us more. Please don’t dissapoint us again. Show that you’re THE BEST! It will be a new beginning for sure!

  13. Daniel Cabrera says:

    Hola. Me alegra oir la noticia de que Mike Oldfield , mi artista preferido desde los 15 a?os, se decide a hacer su autobiograf?a.
    Me gustar?a que en ella incluyese an?gdotas en el estudio, que comentase todas las versiones alternativas de un tema,c?mo le surg?a la inspiraci?n, qu? m?sicos le ayudaron para componer algunas cosas (si es que le han ayudado ) etc.
    Siento haber escrito en espa?ol pero no se hace

  14. Lucider says:

    I doubt Mike is anywhere close to his last album.

    I like all of Mike’s albums i dont want to ask mike to do something because thats not how you will get to listen to his music he will just be playing something you asked for.

    Mike as lots of albums some people are to fussy to like anthing new.

  15. Lucider says:

    This is only my 2nd time on these blogs the last time everyone was insulting the CD cover.

    You people are not real fans of Mike O music you just like some of his albums.. get them albums out again and listen to them let Mike get on with what he want to do.

    Light Shade is a very good album it is a easy album for people to start getting in to Mikes music and it also sounds amazing.

  16. Lucider says:

    Music VR is Mikes best work not only is it Music it is a world of music.

    If you dont like his new stuff others do.. he dont make music for you.

    I have all mikes albums i cant find 1 bad album at all, just because you dont like it that dont make it is a bad album.

    I bet Mike oldfield is happy with what he is doing, he wont be happy being tolled what to do with his music.

    I just had to getv it out i would love to post more on these blogs but they are just full of people who are not real fans of his.

  17. maria says:

    hi, i’d also like to say how glad i am for this biography. it will be great to read about the life of the musician whose music has been with me all my life, thank u so much for your work.

    ah.. and if u finally decide to translate it into spanish and need a hand, i’d be delighted to help u in that 🙂

    best regards from spain

  18. JMB says:

    Mike oldfield est un immense artiste qui selon moi, a besoin de se replier pour trouver ? nouveau l’inspiration dont il a fait preuve depuis tant d’ann?es. Apr?s 30 albums, rien de plus normal.
    Je suis s?r qu’il nous reviendra avec un chef-d’oeuvre.

    A dans trois ans Mike!

  19. darkpadawan says:

    Hello from Spain, one more time 🙂

    Very interesting to read about Mike, the best musician ever!
    I love mike’s music, now “talk about your life”. Great!

    (Lot of fans in Spain don’t understand english language; I hope a spanish translation).

    Thanks, Mike, for your music.

  20. matthias says:

    hello to all
    nice to hear more about mike. thank u for all the nice music. just take ur git and let it play. i think thats it what all ur real fans miss.

  21. Hi all!
    We are very happy in Hungary, because we also believe in Mike. We hope this Autobiography will be release in hungarian language sometime, and we hope Mike will start a new European live tour on this year because then he’s bound to come Budapest…we are still waiting for you Mike! With all my best wishes 🙂
    P.S.: The “AMAROK” is the 8th miracle of the World…:)

  22. TubularBellsIV says:

    I think it’s great that he is doing a book. But using computers and loops is not the only way to do things. He will end his career the way it began by playing instruments and completing the 4th incarnation that is already in progress. He calls his new music an instrumental and that means only one thing. Any who think his career will be ending any time soon are dead wrong!

  23. Natalia says:

    Hello Jon.

    I´m a Mike´s fan from Spain.

    Music is an universal language, but

    words isn´t.

    Please, translate the book to spanish!!

    Sorry for my bad english.

    Mike the BEST!

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