Testing the Qumana blog editor

David Terrar‘s blog put me on to Qumana, a blog post editor that works with WordPress. It looks very nice and it didn’t cost anything – the business model is (I believe) advertising based. This is a test post – if it works out I think I’ll probably stick with it as it can work offline, has a spell checker and adds a number of blog features I’d never use otherwise! The message below can be removed, I believe.
Update: One click and Qumana posted straight to the site! Rocking 🙂
Update: Just deleted a post – don’t know what that does to the feed…
Update: Not obvious how to create a new post (right click in the system tray, dummy 😉 )
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Testing the Qumana blog editor

2 thoughts on “Testing the Qumana blog editor

  1. As you suggested, Jon’s business model is to take a slice of revenue from the advertising, and provide the blogger better control over the ads being placed – if your site is in to that. Also, I found Qumana useful when I was updating two blogs with the same content (while I was transitioning from Blogger to WP).

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