Something to Declare

Aw, shame. The fuss on declarative living has died down somewhat… and I had this draft on WordPress I was saving until I could get down to writing a really good article about it. Might as well post these thoughts now, perhaps something will come of it some time.

Consider it a declaration of intent 😉

Thoughts for a future post…

– Declarative living is about much more than uploading preferences

– Depends on roles – what persona is being declared – cf duping Google, duping Audioscrobbler

– Non-declaration is also a tool – publication of reader figures, punching more than one’s weight

– Pre-requisite to engagement is to declare interface

– Declaration, like service, goes all the way down

– Passive declaration by blogging, active declaration needs to be more than it is

– In future, declaration of capabilities to enable service interface

– Agreed that (anonymous) declarative mechanism could replace surveys, charts (Audioscrobbler)

– Dig out blogging is narcissism post

Something to Declare

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