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Helzerman’s Odd Bits – Sun holds press conference in Second Life – what to wear?

Only a week or so late, I just popped along to the Sun Pavilion in Second Life. There wasn’t much going on, strangely, I went and had a look at the pictures. One may scoff at the idea of replacing good old 2D interfaces with an immersive environment, but its got its upsides – one can look at a number of things at once, there’s less pressure, its more intuitive etc. Ain’t going to work for everything but I can see places it would.

Its also probably the only place in the world I’ll get my hands on a Sun Container (and it may be the first place it ships – I wonder if they’ve thought of that – directly hooked into their Grid facility?)

Didn’t get offered cybersex this time, either.



Second Sun

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