Rush – Wembley Arena 10/10/2007

Now the first thing I should say is that I’m still in “digestive recovery mode” following last week’s most excellent Mumbai adventure. So, I had to leave my seat more often than I would have liked… Equally, I’d bought a ticket at the back of the hall due entirely to lateness of the decision, it was only a few weeks ago I knew where I was going to be. Speaking of lateness, a burst watermain in the Greenford area led to me arriving 20 minutes after the show had started.

So, perhaps unsurprisingly, I was feeling a little detached.

Things seemed to kick off quite slowly, like the band were going through the motions… but about half way through the first set they seemed to come alive, like someone turned on the lights. Or perhaps the lasers. Overall it was a good gig, a fine gig but maybe not a great gig, from my distant standpoint. The sound was reputedly much better than other shows so far on the UK leg of the tour, and the light show was superlative as always – I was left wondering how an arena could possibly be filled without such a thing. We idolise the bands, but where would any of them on these massive stages be without the lighting rigs?

From the gods, the view was of a nearly packed hall having a great time. Hands were waving, voices were singing along, applause was forthcoming particularly it has to be said for some of the old classics, but also such songs as One Little Victory and for Neil’s drum solo. Personal highlights were Natural Science, Between the Wheels and Subdivisions, which will always take me right back to the Laserium Signals show, goodness knows how many years ago.

Preaching to the converted maybe, but then, why not.  

Rush – Wembley Arena 10/10/2007

3 thoughts on “Rush – Wembley Arena 10/10/2007

  1. Mark Franklin says:

    Hi Jon
    Just though I’d drop you a line to say ‘hello’. You and I have mutual friends in John & Julia and, because of your Rush connections, I often ask John a thing or to about you.

    Anyway, having asked him if you’d managed to see the Fab Three on this tour, he directed me to your website where I have just read your brief review of the second Wembley gig. I managed to catch both Wembley gigs and the one in Manchester on Sunday.

    I think your review rather underplays how good the gig was and I found your words a little less than generous. Having said that, perhaps your trip to India impacted on your appreciation a little?

    For me, the gigs were all great gigs; skilled performers producing incredibly high quality for almost three hours per night. And all that in their 33rd year -amazing achievements. There was a great mix of songs too, with plenty of old, rarely-played-these-days favourites (like Digital Man, Entre Nous & Witch Hunt) along with a fine selection from the marvellous ‘Snakes & Arrows’. It’s a great joy to listen to powerful live versions of their new stuff.

    I do think you’re right about the fabulous light show though, and how (relatively) ordinary these shows might be without them. The lighting crews do a great job.

    I felt the sound quality at Wembley was vastly improved after the re-vamp of the place, and was better, in my view, than the sound at the MEN Arena in Manchester.

    I really hope they carry on making more great music, and touring, as it will be a sad sad loss when they finally decide to call it a day.

    Sorry to sound critical Jon but I’m still buzzing from these great gigs and felt I ought to add my twopennyworth.


  2. Nice one Mark, and thoroughly appreciate where you’re coming from! Please take the above as being very much “from my distant standpoint,” the quality of a gig is undoubtedly going to depend on the mood (and the bowels!) of the listener. At the MEN I was in Block A which was superb, but when I went right to the back the sound, and the atmosphere, was still right up there. Wembley Arena is perhaps too square 😉

    Cheers, Jon

  3. Jimbo says:

    Hi Chaps,

    I was at Wembley for the 9th. The last time I was there was for the 2004 tour and in virtually identical seats. For this reason I had a good perspective on the reletive differences between the gigs.

    The sounds was vastly better. Softer, with more detail. 2004 sounded a bit thrashy and tinny in places. Could have been something to do with the album being promoted on tour mind. I really thin Snakes and Arrows is the best album since Power Windows. I listen to it all the time.

    I also partook of a few beers which I never usually do at gigs and I think it really loosened me up with a great party atmosphere towards the end of the gig. My lifelong mates and Rush fans that came down from Wales to see the gig all stopped over at my Watford pad and we waxed lyrical avoer the evening’s events. For my money, it was the best gig I have ever seen! (admittedly I go to very few nowadays mind!)

    I really agree with the thoughts on the track selections being a great mix of old, new and rare. Entre Nous, I mean, like, that just made my year! There’s nothing like nostalgia, but it ain’t what it used to be!



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