Rush – Chemistry now available in German

Well, this came as something of a surprise to me – I didn’t even know it was being translated! But then, a copy dropped on the doormat this morning. While I prefer the original cover, the graphic is quite clever even if it does give Alex a black eye. Inside, better print quality and bigger pictures are a considerable improvement, but still no colour.

More information, as ever, at Amazon?- which has some good quality pictures, better, dare I say, than in the book itself.


Rush – Chemistry now available in German

2 thoughts on “Rush – Chemistry now available in German

  1. Pawel says:

    Hi Jon,
    May you provide more detailed information about this edition? I mean who is responsible for the cover art or whether errors from addendum 2 are fixed or not.

    Kind regards,

  2. There’s no particular clues from the book as to who did the cover, unfortunately. Also and disappointingly (though it might have been too much to ask), it doesn’t appear that the addendum items have been fixed in this version. If I’d known it was being translated, I could have done soemthing about it!

    Best, Jon

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