Rush Addendum updated

(edit Feb 9)

For Rush readers, I have put together a printable PDF of the addendum entries found to date. There are 22 of them, we shall know in time if there are any more to be found. Of these:

– Ten are dating or timing errors
– Seven are typos and editing errors
– Five are factual inaccuracies

Truth be told, I was feeling more than slightly uncomfortable about the number of errors found in this book. As I was flicking through to put together the above addendum, I started remembering exactly how much of a mountain of information (some inaccurate) that I waded through to compile the book itself. It didn’t make me any less regretful of the errors, in particular the inexcusable typos (Getty! Argh!), but I do still believe that we did everything we could to get it as accurate as we possibly could at the time. In a word, sorry.

Oh well, onward and upward. Thanks to all those people who have pointed out the mistakes above. As indicated, the next reprint (due imminently) will fix the first ten issues in the text, leaving twelve which will probably now have to wait for the paperback.

Rush Addendum updated

5 thoughts on “Rush Addendum updated

  1. Mark Daniels says:

    Jon –

    Regarding the photo on page 23:
    You’ve captioned the photo as being “Rush with Lindy Young,” as do many webmasters who show this same picture on their websites. But Bill Banasiewicz (in “Visions”) labels the same photograph as Mitch Bossi.

    Are you sure it’s not Mitch Bossi in the photo? How sure are you that it’s Lindy? I’m inclined to believe “the B-man” on this one.

    Furthermore: the handwritten note at the top of the picture – “Hadrian 1969” – from where did that come? (I’m guessing that some webmaster wrote that erroneous message on the photo, and it’s been copied and re-copied over time.) If Banasiewicz and I are correct, and that’s Mitch Bossi in the picture and not Lindy Young, then “Rush 1971” would be a better handwritten note than “Hadrian 1969.” Follow?

    Mark C. Daniels

  2. Jon says:

    The captioning has already been corrected in the addendum, and therefore you’re absolutely right about the knock-on effect which will be dealt with the next time around. Thanks!


  3. Duncan Callow says:

    Overall, a good job.

    An error to add to the list. The book talks of a Barcelona date on the R30 tour – it never existed.

  4. Ian Crow says:

    Hi Jon,

    Just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed your
    book. Actually I read it in a couple of days back
    in November. One night it actually kept me up very
    late and not too many books have done that over the

    I was just reading the Counterparts board and noticed
    you had a corrections page on your site. I was sure
    the one ommision I had spotted would be there but it
    wasn’t – so I thought I’d mention it. In the disco-
    graphy section “Show don’t Tell” is missing from

    If you don’t mind I’d also like to make one little
    suggestion. Your Notes are lovely and short – I think
    they’d be better placed as real footnotes at the bottom
    of the pages. Having to search to the end of the
    chapters all the time was a bit fiddly! Otherwise a
    thoroughly enjoyable read.



  5. Pawel says:

    Hi Jon,
    A the beginnig thanks for this awesome book. It gave me a lot of pleasure to become absorbed in such detailed biography.
    As you pointed out at the end of the chapter 5 some notes are missing.
    May you publish them on this website or just send me.

    Kind regards,

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