Reviewed you Spam settings recently?

This morning I finally got round to vsiting my email hosting providers and checking what my email forwarding settings were. I’ve been getting a lot of spam through certain addresses, and also one of my sites sees to be being used as a spam sender address, which is a pain – not least because I’m geting all the bouncebacks.

So, I’ve just been online. Lo and behold one of my providers now has an enhanced spam filtering service, another now has an “auto-delete” of the bouncebacks so while I can’t do much about them for everyone else, I can at least reduce the pain for me. I had no idea about the services, perhaps they’d been mentioned in a bulletin at some point but I quite possibly deleted it – as spam, no doubt.

So – it might be worth visiting your hosting provider and seeing if they have enhanced their services while you weren’t looking! Of course if you’re the kind of person to do this on a regular basis, then I take my hat off to you.

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Reviewed you Spam settings recently?

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