Reasons why I may have just unfollowed (or followed) you

In no particular order:

Because I’m not absolutely sure who you are
Because you haven’t tweeted in over a year
Because I didn’t recognise you from your twitter handle
Because you’re famous now and too busy to chat
Because I know you socially on Facebook
Because that’s not really you, it’s your news stream
Because I reached out a couple of times, but… no
Because you don’t follow me, and I just noticed
Because you “follow” 100,000+ people – really?
Because you do come across as a little bit of a knob
Because we met and we got on, but we don’t share much
Because my interests have drifted from your topic area
Because I made a mistake – kick me!

Reasons I will follow you, if I don’t already:

Because I unfollowed you by accident and just noticed
Because we have met and I enjoyed your company
Because you are interested in having a conversation
Because you have interesting or funny things to say
Because I value your opinion and want to engage
Because your areas of interest overlap with mine
Because I have worked with you, or may do

But most of all, because I see Twitter as a place for conversations, not a listening post, and I want to engage better with the people I do follow.

Reasons why I may have just unfollowed (or followed) you

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