Re: Innovation in the UK and Europe

For some reason I can’t post this comment on James’s blog, so I’ve put it here. If anyone spots any offensive words let me know!

So, re: this post

I had to read this more than once – I started disagreeing, then I realised I did agree – you’re spot on that we seem unable to turn theory into cash.

Despite the absence of cash-earning – I think we sort of expect companies to form in the US, so we leave them to it – there’s plenty of innovation in the European software industry. I pointed you to Exoftware, an Irish company – there’s a great page of links on their Web site, and they are leading the “Agile Alliance” in Europe, worth a browse. Similarly I used to participate in an OO conference (OT) that was totally freeform, great stuff. Much was theorising, which was a downside, but on the positive, some of software’s best thinkers are European (Jacobsen, Fowler). You should also take a closer look at the patterns community – very active, very communicative, very SOA and very European!

Fascinatingly to me, and I’m trying to work out why, this very active community is not too heavily into blogging. I think it might be that the communities formed before blogging, and therefore they’re sticking to older mechanisms for a variety of reasons. Blogging favours individuals, perhaps nobody’s in favour of sticking their heads above the parapets (apart from Grady Booch of course, but that’s an IBM thing!) There’s country differences as well – I did a presentation in Germany yesterday, and when I asked the audience, they all said they read blogs. In the UK financial industry version today in London, nobody did. Very interesting. Perhaps, also, you’re not reading the blogs in French, German, Spanish and therefore not hooked into what’s going on at a local level?

Anyway, all good food for thought.

Re: Innovation in the UK and Europe

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