Quick take: P2P document sharing between platforms

This is certainly not a formal review but I was doing some investigations into how to share files between team members, potentially on different (i.e. Windows and Linux) platforms. Groove is the peer-to-peer standard on Microsoft Windows, but there are free alternatives – having tried a few, Collanos Workplace seems to be the one that has remained on my desktops. It passes the test of “just working” (though I seem to remember it did need some Linux config tweaks), its not overcomplicated to use, etc. It does suffer a bit from some of the same assumptions as Groove – workspaces lack the ability to sync with local folders for example, which means backups in the traditional sense are difficult (and no, p2p doesn’t mean no backups necessary – if you screw up on one peer, you screw them all.) But overall, its a good as any a place to start for offline remote team co-ordination.

Apologies but I can’t find the original list of products I was trialling, but there are plenty of them. I do remember that competing platform Collaber had firewall issues so no dice.

Incidentally, for Windows document sharing, Foldershare (now acquired by Microsoft and integrated into Windows Live) does appear to be a very useful little tool. It does enable any normal folder to be just “shared”, simply and effectively, so its worth a look. Equally incidentally, the caveat with all such products is they can tend to lack scalability – if you want to put tens of megabytes into the folder at a time, remember how much available bandwidth you have, and how many peers you’re sharing with.

Quick take: P2P document sharing between platforms

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  1. Please note that a new version (1.3) of Collanos Workplace is going to be released in about 10 days from today. It will contain some great new features and many improvements, like full “fetch from any” replication algorithm (=much improved sync experience!), a brand new persistent messenger, All My Tasks overview with filters, and more. We look forward to your tests and updated Blog post. 🙂 Thanks.

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