Quick music industry (on the take) take

I was alerted to the article “The death of the music industry” by @featuredartists on Twitter earlier today.

My reply:

“@FeaturedArtists Interesting, upcurve 89-95 looks incongrous as well. Returning to realistic level vs failure to monetise? NB shipments only”

It was only a few hours later that a better answer revealed itself – oh the serendipity, as a friend on Facebook highlighted an article on ThisIsLondon. To quote:

“So dry your tears at the thought of all those struggling record companies. The truth is that when a previous new technology called compact discs came along, they drove up margins to milk fans as they repackaged back catalogues. This made them so rich and complacent that they turned down the opportunity presented by Napster – which they could have bought for £10 million to dominate the digital market – and allowed Apple to steal their industry.”

Nuff said. for now.


Quick music industry (on the take) take

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