Phew! What an upgrade!

Well I’ve just upgraded to the latest version of WordPress. I won’t bore you (i.e. I can’t be bothered to list out) the entire blow by blow account but here’s the lessons learned:

– Check your ISP can support it – in particular MySQL 4.0 and above – there was a helpful message at the end of the installation process to this effect, at which point I found I didn’t have it. Which brings me to:
– Absolutely, definitely, completely do make sure you back things up first! Take an FTP dump of the WordPress tree, plus a MySQL export, that should be enough. To be sure you can revert to the previous version…
– Possibly test the restore process before committing, I had the rather alarming message to the effect that MySQL could only re-import export files less than 2 Meg in size. Phew – mine was.
– When upgrading, follow the instructions how to copy the directory tree. Don’t do what I did and overwrite the wrong bits (refer back to “make sure you back things up” 🙂 )

That’s probably it – apart from a few hiccups the whole process was remarkably smooth. I’d like to tip my hat to the folks at Easily who were both highly responsive in tech support (thanks Francois!) and who did the upgrade when they said they would.

There, you never know I might even start posting again!

P.S. Just noticed I’m getting an SQL error in my links listing – oh well, I’d better sort that as well.

Phew! What an upgrade!

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