Pamela’s Book Launch

Wellll? the book launch was, shall I say, interesting. “There ain’t nothing ever works out the way you want it to,” says the Devil in Crossroads, and never was a film quote more applicable to me than this evening. I met a few people, drank a few glasses of water, even enjoyed myself somewhat, but it felt a bit like being at somebody else’s wedding. Pamela Des Barres was very pleasant, though I think she was wearying of signing all those books after a while (it was interesting watching her signing copies without even looking at the page). There were lots of people talking to lots of other people. And that was it! Still, it was a learning experience, and inspiring in an odd way. The venue was the Horse Hospital, which was an upstairs room which looked to all intents and purposes like an old stable. Judging by the ramp one had to walk up to get to the room, I suppose that’s exactly what it was.

Speaking of which (spot the link), there are three novels that I want to write. Or maybe two and a screenplay. One’s about sex, one’s about time, and one’s about an umbrella. And none are quite what you might think. In the loo at the party there was a sticker on the cistern facing me, with a person’s face and the caption, “you’re a fat old git.” That uncannily accurate statement will be in one of the books (or perhaps the screenplay), I’ll leave you to guess which one! And yes, I do know which one, myself. Whether any of them happen is a moot point.

Finally, I’m writing this on the train having tried to download my email over the GPRS connection. Is it just me, or is this GPRS thing a bit of a con? There ain’t nothing ever works out the way you want it to?

Pamela’s Book Launch

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