OK, I can’t spell “the”

Not sure what happened about 3 years ago but my fingers started jumbling up on the keyboard to the extent that “the” always comes out “teh” etc. Annoyingly, I’ve accidentally added “teh” to my Windows Live Writer spell check dictionary, so I’m not sure I’ll catch them all. Anyone have a cure for this, do let me know…

OK, I can’t spell “the”

2 thoughts on “OK, I can’t spell “the”

  1. There is a way – open the text file: custom.dic normally found here:
    C:Documents and SettingsjonnyApplication DataMicrosoftProof

    scroll down to teh and simply remove it. Also a good place to make custom changes to your dictionary without having to go through the normal one at-a-time process.

    Hope this helps.

    PS – just how many different blogs do you have 🙂

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