New version of N E O now out

There are few products I will endorse unreservedly but Nelson Email Organizer has been a bit of a life changer for me – the quantity of email I receive seems to follow an exponential curve all of its own, this last quar ter I received as much email as I did the whole of last year, so goodness only know what its going to look like in twelve months’ time!

Anyway, I was recommended to NEO by a colleague, and I wonder now what on earth I would do without it. It indexes all of my 40,000 emails and lets me search by sender, attachment type, category and so on, as well as search string. I’m currently upgrading from 3.0 of Neo Pro to 3.1, which triggered me to write these few thoughts while I wait for the thing to finish.

There’s a free version of NEO available from the web site, I can’t remember what prompted me to upgrade to Pro (apart from the fact that its so damn good), but I would do it again. The only weakness I can think of is that it doesn’t search attachments, still, can’t have everything!

New version of N E O now out

2 thoughts on “New version of N E O now out

  1. Jon says:

    Well, very good point Ludovic – unfortunately it’s not what’s running on the majority of desktops today. Lotus Notes is very powerful, but its not always that intuitive, I confess to a small sigh of relief when I no longer had to use it… but then, others swear by it so maybe its just me!

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