So, I understand that the MSN search engine is now “powering” This is not good news, for one simple reason. When I put in my own name, it comes up with “Were you looking for joan collins?” Well, no, I wasn’t. I’ve had enough of that kind of victimisation and abuse in my lifetime. Of course I immediately put in a complaint.

After all, what would Uncle Phil say? 🙂

On the plus side – at least I was the first “Jon Collins” – and the second, third, fourth and fifth. I’m not going to give in to their thinky veiled flattery, however.


2 thoughts on “My-name-is-J-o-n

  1. Tigger says:

    Dude, I wish this wasn’t true, but the fact is that millions of people know Joan Collins, but hardly anyone knows you. Chances are, if someone types “Jon Collins” in a search, you can be pretty sure that they really mean Joan Collins, so it’s actually a good thing that they suggest that.

    Not to say I don’t feel for ya, but Google/MSN/whoever are doing the right thing by 99% of their customers here.

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