My Boris Bike questions

There’s an event next week (Tuesday 18) where you can give feedback to the managers of the London Barclays Bike scheme. I can’t make it but here’s the questions I’m emailing in.

Sorry, can’t make your event! Great service – when it’s good it’s very good, the problem is around “edge cases” – so questions:

* Is there any way of creating more drop-off points based on your knowledge of load? And also, is there any way of a user easily loving that they tried to drop off a bike at a certain point, but couldn’t?

* Could we have a GPS enabled smartphone app which shows (and reserves) the nearest available bike, for 10 minutes say?

* Could we have a PDF map please – or make it easier to find! (I couldn’t find it online)

Kind regards, Jon


My Boris Bike questions

2 thoughts on “My Boris Bike questions

  1. interesting; I sent a question to them along the lines of whether we could get a bit more feedback rather than a red light when taking a bike out doesn’t work – whether its a problem with the station, the key, the bike, the account associated with the key.

    I think reserving bikes will cause similar problems – unless someone walking past can find out why the last bike in the rack can’t be taken out, it will just cause more head-scratching/calls to the helpline.

    Not sure about your first question (‘loving’)? If you get to a full station you can click on the docking station the ‘no slots free’ button and it’ll give you an extra 5 or 10 minutes usage free to go to the next station.

    1. Yes good point – I spent a good half hour at Kings Cross trying to find *any* docking station with free slots, and another time I was caught in an absolute downpour near Pimlico… I guess there isn’t any hard and fast answer, but there may be options for reducing the likelihood of such situations in the first place.

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