Mugs arrive Tuesday – get your orders in now!

For all those who expressed an interest in procuring a mug bearing “Unusual Suspects” design as featured on Separated Out, the good news is a couple of boxes of the blighters will be turning up on Tuesday. So get your order in now and you should be sipping your tea courtesy of your favourite characters by Friday! Combined profits from these and the Summer Garden Party in two weeks’ time is going to Nordoff Robbins‘ music therapy charity, so it’s all in a good cause as well!

Mugs will be available at the SGP, or for those not able to come there’s a Paypal link below the – ahem – mug shot. If you want any option not in the drop-down list please email me and I will let you know how to order.



EDIT: Just sold the last one!


Mugs arrive Tuesday – get your orders in now!

6 thoughts on “Mugs arrive Tuesday – get your orders in now!

  1. Ok, order placed! That’ll look great in the Rogues’ Gallery studio. I’ll place it on top of my Aural Exciter and I am sure the show will sound better as a result, provided I don’t spill coffee everywhere!!!

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