Microsoft and tears

Am I never going to be free of Uncle Seattle? However hard I try, I can’t seem to shake him off. A bit like his software, in fact! I confess, I do think Microsoft have some pretty good software. They won the suite wars because their stuff was best, after all – I just wish they didn’t want to take over the world, that’s all. Anyway, this was supposed to be my last week, but they’ve asked me if I have any more time. I have said “very little”, but it doesn’t seem to have shaken them off. We’ll see what happens.

Meanwhile, I’ve started to develop a new Web site for Faros. It’ll be up and running in the next few weeks, I think. This Art Gallery thing has really spurred me on. One thing I’m sure of is not so much, “build it and they will come”, more “don’t get out there until there’s something to show.” It amounts to the same thing, however I can’t decide if its just an excuse to avoid fixing meetings with potential clients…

Got some news back from the people who the book will be about, let’s call them the Musketeers. It was neither good nor bad news, but at least it was communication which is always a good thing. We agreed I would write something and get it to them by August, and they could see what they thought. Scary.

And finally, got a CD in the post this morning, it was the latest Marillion best-of album from EMI. Darren sent it, as a little thank you for getting him in the market for doing cover art (he did the Separated Out book cover, fyi, and very fine it was too). It’s a funny old world, glad to be of service and all that.

Microsoft and tears

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