Marillion / Separated Out – Redux

Sloe gin in hand.

Twelve years ago, I had an idea – and we all know how dangerous those can be. Still, I went with it. I was never 100% happy with the result, which is unsurprising given that I had never done anything quite like it before.

To have the opportunity to revisit Marillion/Separated Out was one that couldn’t be missed. There’s an element of déjà vu; the process wasn’t always straightforward, they never are. But the only thing that really matters is the content, which will still be around long after we’re all gone.

A big thank you to all at Foruli for making this edition possible, and for working so hard behind the scenes on the copy, the artwork, the whole package. To all at Racket of course, for initiating the project in the first place and for their support throughout. And to everyone involved in the text, the fans, the collaborators, and (it goes without saying) most of all Marillion, a band which has created the soundtrack for the lives of so many. To quote the preface: “This is your story: I hope I’ve done it justice.”

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Marillion / Separated Out – Redux

2 thoughts on “Marillion / Separated Out – Redux

  1. Ed Braiter says:

    Hi Jon. I picked up the original book when it came out. So what is the difference between the two? Haven’t seen any sites really mentioning the difference. Thanks & happy holidays.

  2. Hi Ed, sorry for the delayed response!

    Separated Out was first released over 10 years ago. When it came to Redux, a number of factors conspired to make this more than a simple update. First, I knew it could be much better – it was my first book and I felt the text was clunky in places. Second, while the style worked well for print, in these times it needed to also work as an ebook so a number of box-outs, sidebars and footnotes needed to be integrated into the text. And third new interviewees came to light, and their stories needed to be told.

    But most importantly this past decade has been very important in Marillion’s history. At the turn of the millennium Marillion looked like they might be on the cusp of new success which, to their credit, has been achieved. In book terms this meant unpicking some of the previous narrative and weaving it into what we now know to be true.

    Overall, the original book has had several editorial and honing passes to bring it up to date. A final challenge was that the original book was about 145,000 words – the new chapters initially took this up to 180,000 words, but the target was to keep the total word count below 150,000 so this meant more simplification, distillation, reduction. The overall effect, I hope, has been to create a far better, more readable book.

    Best, Jon

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