Marillion – Port Zelande, Netherlands, 02/02/2007

Well, this was a bit of a cock-up on my part – I had booked tickets for the Marillion Weekend without taking too much note of the dates… and too my horror, (daughter) Sophie’s birthday was slap in the middle of it! Give that I’d booked, I still felt it was worth going for a couple of nights, not least to see This Strange Engine played, and to meet up with some of my best, yet normally all-too-distant friends.

It’s funny, one would think one could get bored of seeing certain bands play, but all they had to do was start for me to be reminded how it was about the music. The energy of the 2,500 strong crowd was electric, and when they started playing, first some new songs and then the album – the atmosphere was just amazing. I wouldn’t go as far as saying it was of the best Marillion performances I have ever seen, but it is certainly the best one I can remember!

Leaving on Saturday (thanks so much for the lift Mark and Ken) was not without issue – I left my phone behind, but it did manage to have some fun without me… priceless 🙂

Marillion – Port Zelande, Netherlands, 02/02/2007

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