Life 2.0 and Pixie Boots

This time last year, I remember talking to some colleagues about blogging. Pretentious twaddle, was the feedback. Now, they’re all doing it.

Last week, I was talking to some other analysts about Second Life. “Have you got avatars,” I asked; “Don’t be silly,” was the response. I’ve had a similar experience with Myspace.

So, the question is, will they have Second Life avatars next year? My guess is, yes. And we’ll have gone through the, “Of course, it was all crazy then, but its useful now,” debate.

Reminds me of when I went to University, and got my first pair of pixie boots – everyone in Leeds was wearing them. When I went home, Paddy (who had stayed down a year) laughed his head off, as did many other old mates. A year later, Paddy came back from his University – in pixie boots.

“But…” I spluttered.

“Yes, but they’re fashionable now,” he said.

What a difference a year can make.

Caveat: Robin’s already there.

Life 2.0 and Pixie Boots

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