Jack Crymes RIP

As part of a recent re-organisation I was running through my addresses, to find that John M. Crymes Jr. died in May 2009. Jack provided technical assistance to Rush on the Canadian leg of their ‘Exit Stage Left’ tour. Here’s an updated obituary from his university alumni site:

“John M. Crymes, Jr. (EE ’68) of Marin County, Calif., died in May 2009. He studied electrical engineering at the University of Virginia, qualifying in 1968. A pioneer of professional remote audio recordings, he designed and built the world’s first mobile audio recording truck in 1974. He worked with, among others, Bob Dylan, Bruce Springsteen, Eric Clapton, Paul McCartney, Natalie Cole and the Grammy Awards.”

One day I’d love to write the book about all the engineers who quietly went about their own jobs, supporting the superstars without need or expectation of any part of that fame. So many stories.

Jack Crymes RIP

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