I now have a Russian email address

I certainly didn’t mean to do that. It all started when I was following up on my MMORPG post, to see whether there was such a thing for the Pocket PC. Yes there was, I found, a game called Sphere from a Russian developer Nikita. Following the FAQ in English, I followed a “where to buy” link and found myself on several web pages in Russian. It was reasonably obvious (through a translation web site, anyway) that it was asking me to register, which I duly did – goodness knows what I’ve set up to be my test question, but anyway, I got there.

To my surprise, I now find myself with a “@ya.ru” email, accessible via?the?Web. Unfortunately I still have no idea where to get the game. Oh well, it really is a shrinking world.

Update: Again through online-translator, a wonderful tool, I have been browsing?the Russian version of the Web site and found the download page. It transpires that the game itself is only available in Russian. I think I’ll leave it there!!

I now have a Russian email address

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