Hotel wireless: nice when it works

There’s been quite a lot written recently about the failures of hotel wireless in London, but things seem to be going my way this evening. After a little mix-up in travel at a Radisson hotel (no fault of the hotel), I booked a last minute “top secret” hotel round the corner, which to my surprise (its a lot cheaper) was another Radisson. This hotel chain has free wireless in both hotels, it may extend to others but it certainly works in the Covent Garden area.

So, having made my online booking, I was then able to email my booking code to the front desk as the back-office systems weren’t integrated enough to deal with such immediacy. To me, that was fine – as I had free wireless, I’ll send them any email they need.

Nice when a plan comes together.

Hotel wireless: nice when it works

One thought on “Hotel wireless: nice when it works

  1. As you say, it’s nice when it works. What frustrates me is the variability of both availability and pricing. I recently stayed at the Okura hotel near the Amsterdam RAI for an SAP conference. This is a high quality, luxury hotel (I wasn’t paying the bill!), with things like an LCD TV built in to the wall of the bathroom. WiFi was only available in the hotel lobby, and at 29 euro a day. Some places like Radisson recogize it is a service they should be providing to attract us business travellers, and other just see it as another revenue stream that we won’t mind paying because we’re on expenses. I know which approach gets my vote (and budget!).

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