Hooking up with MWD

As from today, I’ve thrown my IT analyst hat in with Macehiter Ward-Dutton Advisors (MWD), a UK-based analyst house whose focus is IT/Business alignment. In the end it was quite an easy decision – my IT focus has always been the same, though I have couched it in various ways according to the terminology of the time. Initially I shall be concentrating on service management – my first job is to define it so watch this space! I must stop saying that.

You can check the press release on the MWD site, or download it from here.

Neil Macehiter and Neil Ward-Dutton are great guys, and I’m really looking forward to the coming months. Can I also take this opportunity to wish them happy birthday, as MWD was officially launched exactly one year ago today.

Hooking up with MWD

6 thoughts on “Hooking up with MWD

  1. Jon says:

    That’s a very good question. Quocirca tends towards the research-driven end of the analytical spectrum, and MWD tends-towards the consultancy end, though both companies overlap in the middle. For me this is an opportunity to do more consultancy, particularly with end users, which I miss. There’s plenty that Quocirca does that MWD doesn’t do, I’ll miss that too but for now I think this is the right move.

    What acronym?

  2. Jon says:

    I’m still very positive about Clive, Bob and the gang – I think they’re a great team and I thoroughly enjoyed working with them. Equally, I am looking forward to the new opportunities offered by MWD. Never say never, in this industry!

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