Helping a friend: software delivery check list

“Because I can,” I’ve been helping out a mate who’s outsourcing some development work. I looked on t’ Web for a simple delivery checklist but all I found was DoD standard documents, which I thought were probably a bit over the top! Based on past experience, this is what I came up with – what did I miss? I’ll update with any feedback, gratefully received.

1. Scope of delivery – describing the changes made, or referencing a description elsewhere

2. Content of delivery – describing the modules that make up the delivery and any supporting information (test scripts, documents)

3. Checklist items:

– Test scripts updated – this should be done as part of the development, either by the developer or a third party
– User documentation updated – also part of the development
– Comments included in code and headers – to indicate date and scope of changes

– Unit tests passed – if there are any units to be tested of course – testing at the debugger level
– Functional tests passed – to confirm new functionality is working
– Regression tests passed – to ensure that existing functionality is still working
– User acceptance tests passed – to ensure package loads, runs and works acceptably

To think I was once a software configuration manager – shocking isn’t it? đŸ™‚

Helping a friend: software delivery check list

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