The Sheep, the Goat and the Horse

This is a story about a sheep, a goat and a horse that lived on a farm, deep in the countryside.
The sheep, the goat and the horse were quite happy living on the farm. In fact, they were very happy. They had everything they wanted, they had a nice field to live in, they were fed every day and they could shelter in the barn if the weather was bad.
One day, the sheep made an announcement.
“I’d like to spend a little time away from the farm,? he declared. “Its not that I’m unhappy, its just that, well?”
“Go on,” said the goat.
?Well, I need a change of scenery,” continued the sheep
“Oh I know,” agreed the horse. “It would be nice to get out for a little while.”
“Well, why don’t we?” asked the goat.
“What could we do?” asked the horse.
“We could go for a picnic!” replied the sheep.
They all agreed that would be a very good idea indeed.
The next day they made their preparations for the picnic, by collecting together some of their food and wrapping it in a cloth. They were just about to set off when the sheep turned to the others with a worried look on his face.
“How are we going to get out of our field?” moaned the sheep.
“And how are we going to get to the picnic?” asked the goat.
“Don’t worry,” said the horse. You can both ride on my back. I can jump over the gate and carry you both to where we are going.”
And that is exactly what happened.
The sheep and the goat climbed onto the horse’s back with food for the picnic, and the horse ran up and jumped over the gate.
They were off!
The other animals on the farm watched sadly as the sheep, the goat and the horse left the farm.
“Do you think they will ever come back?” the ducks asked each other, worriedly.
“We might never see them again,” cried the cows.
“Bye bye to you, the sheep, the goat and the horse,” called the chickens.
Meanwhile, the horse ran and ran across many fields, until the three were far away from the farm. Eventually they came to a lovely grassy spot just on the edge of some trees.
“Here we are!” said the horse, letting the sheep and the goat off his back.
“What a beautiful spot for a picnic!” said the sheep.
“Lovely!” said the goat.
The sheep, the goat and the horse arranged the picnic and settled down to eat. Just then the horse paused as though he had forgotten something.
“Oh no! We haven’t brought anything to drink!” cried the horse.
“What are we going to do?” wailed the sheep.
“Don’t worry,” said the goat. “You can drink some of my goat’s milk.”
So the goat produced some milk for the sheep and the horse, who drank it down gladly. Then they all finished their picnic.
Once the picnic was over, the three friends looked at each other.
“I’m feeling a little sleepy after all that food,” said the goat.
“So am I,” said the horse. “Its starting to get cold as well.”
“I’ve got an idea,” said the sheep. “you can both lie under my woolly fleece to keep warm, and we can all go to sleep.”
They all agreed that this was an excellent idea, so they all lay down and went to sleep for a little while.
When they woke up it was time to go home, so the sheep and the goat climbed back onto the horse and they set off back across the fields to the farm.
As they came back up to the gate, all the other animals looked up with surprise.
“Here they are!” said the ducks, all together.
“Where have you been?” asked the cows.
“Hurrah for the sheep, the goat and the horse!” cried the chickens.
The horse ran up and jumped over the gate, landing back in the field. The sheep and the goat climbed down and the three all agreed what a good time the picnic had been.
“What a day!” chuckled the sheep.
“Couldn’t beat it,” laughed the goat.
“Time for bed,” said the horse.
And they all went to bed.

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