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  • Time is a mirrorReflecting past and futureTesting, testing what we know Days are a riverRunning, fore and afterMoving, moving with the flow Today’s another […]
  • It’s the silences that get to me The empty spaces in between The otherwise continuous stream Of noisy, gung-ho positivity And unveiled anger, bordering […]
  • And so I’m dead. By now I’ll knowIf after-life has aught to showOr whether it is nothing moreThan biochemical remains That you’re consigning down […]
  • We go to the end. together We stare ahead, toward the void We stand on the edge of forever We feel the peace Where […]
  • Here it comes:The unexpectedBurst of inspirationIdeas tumble in, tumblingLike waves crashing On familiar shoresYou drown in sheer joyOf understanding Here it comes:The unexpectedMoment of […]
  • Take me to the lands beyond the dark Where sunlight burns the shadows from the earth Take me through the slumbers of your soul […]
  • There’s a spider in the kitchenI don’t know what to doThere’s a spider in the kitchen And a mantis in the loo There’s a […]
  • I go to London about once a week, travelling from a rural reality to this strange, incredibly vibrant environment (I know, for most, that […]
  • That pack of cigarettesRipples in the poolA stone, wrapped with regretsRipples in the pool Proving who is the bestRipples in the poolMemories laid to […]
  • Oh W H Smith, how I missThe rows of sellotapeSo carefully arranged between staplersAnd ring reinforcementsThe magazines on shelves of steelThat reached so high […]