European analyst of the year

Well I certainly wasn’t expecting that! A couple of weeks ago, Freeform Dynamics and yours truly were announced as award winners in the annual IIAR survey of analyst relations professionals. Here’s the stickers:

Emea #2 Analyst Firm Of The Year Emea #1 Analyst Of The Year #2 Analyst Of The Year

From an EMEA perspective, Freeform Dynamics was ranked as number 2 after Gartner. I was selected as EMEA analyst of the year, and number 2 (after the illustrious Ray Wang) globally.

I know there’s all sorts of ways of measuring these things – and I also share a number of views with those who say there’s a wider picture of influence (though Vinnie, there’s more to technology decisions than procurement decisions!). That being said, the results are not to be sniffed at – and it’s a distinct pleasure to be viewed in such esteem, so thank you everyone who voted!

European analyst of the year

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