Dirty little analyst secrets

#86: Analysts read their competitors’ reports

Actually I make no bones about this – I’m of the opinion that there is nothing new under the sun, and that we can all stand on each other’s shoulders and get that little bit closer to it (or the Oracle, whichever is our preference). Of course blogging leads to a kind of collaborative analysis, but some firms do still find it difficult to share. Equally, I’ll quite happily promote the work of other firms – today I received the latest, typically excellent newsletter from John Katsaros and Peter Christy, and I was prompted to comment on it. I heartily recommend it to anyone that’s interested in the goings-on in the Valley (that’s Silicon, not Thames). You can see the kinds of things it contains, and sign up here.

On the subject of newsletters, I embarrass myself every Friday morning as my delight at receiving Silicon.com’s Roundup is once again eclipsed by the fact that I will have totally forgotten it would be coming. Like a goldfish swimming round a bowl, I am… but anyway, it has often been the perfect antidote to a hard week.

Dirty little analyst secrets

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