Detheming and reframing

Its time for my next step on the journey that we call blogging. I blog to experiment with the medium (I’ve never been into experimenting with the small and large), and I’m going to try out a couple of new things around the principle of themes.

The first is to de-theme this blog even further – it will be about everything and nothing, a stream of consciousness as pure as my impure consciousness can make it. If it comes across as a self-indulgent mess, so be it – there are things I can learn from that (and you don’t have to read it 🙂 ).

The second is to extend my sensible blogging into more thematically coherent places. These are (or will be):

– Enterprise Information Technology – I’ve already started to blog (though I could do more) over at the Macehiter Ward-Dutton web site.

– Consumer Technology – plans are afoot – watch this space

– Music and media – plans are, well, planned!

Realistically, this is all an experiment – I have a number of theories that I’m testing out, notably comparing multi-user and single-user blogs, and curiosities around themes. There’s also a navel-gazing perspective around linking one’s blogging closer to one’s personality. In my case I’ve never been consistent about anything for long, and blogs are by their nature fixed points of reference, so I’m interested to see how that can work. Anyway, more news soon!

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Detheming and reframing

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