Descending on Documation, Schmoozing at Storage Expo

For anyone who’s in London this week and wants to meet up, I shall be at Olympia Wednesday and Thursday for the jointly held conferences of Documation and Storage Expo. Indeed, I’ll be presenting at both, specifically at the following sessions:

Information Lifecycle Risk Management, 17 Oct at 1145 (Storage Expo)

Using Content Management to Power Business Intelligence, 17 Oct at 1600 (Documation)

Governance, Liability and Responsibility: Getting rid of information, 18 Oct at 1015 (Storage Expo)

In case I haven’t banged on about it enough, I don’t really see the above as anything other than facets of the broader picture of information management, indeed I’ve had some good chats with the guys at Reed Exhibitions about the way things are going. From our research there’s a clear desire to link BI and CM for example, and good governance and risk management cannot exist without a firm understanding of your information assets. But I’m telling you the plot 🙂

Should be a lot of fun – see you there!

Descending on Documation, Schmoozing at Storage Expo

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