Dear Mr/Mme Car Park Manager

Thank you very much for the parking fine I found on my car as I departed from Kemble Station this Monday evening. I would like to explain the circumstances around this fine, in the hope that you might reconsider.

As is quite common for me, I was planning to catch the 09:19 train to London Paddington. I left home with plenty of time, so much in fact that I arrived at the station shortly after Nine O’Clock. As I saw I had time on my hands, I chose to buy my parking ticket at the same time as my train ticket – in this way, I thought, I would save having to file two expense forms.

So, I drew up outside the station and popped inside to queue. The line was quite short, to the extent that I was not in the slightest bit worried. At first anyway – until I realised that the person at the front of the queue was buying an old person’s railcard.

Starting to fret slightly, I sighed with relief as that person was dealt with – and then the next, who was also very slow. My nerves were further agitated at the sight of a car park attendant out of the window.

The next person in line was about to be treated when I heard the announcement for the 0907 to Cheltenham. To my horror by this point, the ticket officer gave his apologies and left the booth, to deal with the train. The car park attendant was still outside, and I did start to go speak with him but before long (though it seemed an age) the ticket attendant returned.

I calmed down somewhat as the next person was dealt with and the attendant (having changed into a summer jacket) drove away. There was then one or two people in the queue, which were dealt with before me – but by now the time was approaching 0915 and the speakers were announcing the arrival of the London train.

Arriving at the counter I asked for a return ticket to London but I was so flustered I completely overlooked asking for car parking as well. Having got my ticket I ran out, got in my car, drove to an appropriate parking space (fortunately there was one nearby) and then ran back to catch the train. Admittedly by this point the parking charge was the last thing on my mind.

I hope you understand that it was certainly not in my interests to park without a ticket, nor would I ever intend to. However I also hope you will take these mitigating circumstances into consideration.

All the best, Jon Collins

Dear Mr/Mme Car Park Manager

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