Dear Colin McCaffrey, I hope you enjoy the dime

I don’t suppose you’ve heard of me
Nor had I heard of you before today
I found your tunes on Spotify
And listened to them, by and by
So thank you for the pleasure that they gave
But Spotify, I hear them say
Ain’t a business model to really pay
Much money to the artists that it streams
I sure do hope the ads give you
Something approaching revenue
But frankly, what I ‘paid’ won’t fuel no dreams
I wonder how things are for you
In Vermont, when the check comes through
Do you tear it open, in case it’s your big chance?
Or is it to your bank account
Where an electronic small amount
Registers without a backward glance?
So Col, here’s serendipity
I mis-spelt someone’s name, you see
And I might not have done, another time
But if I never “listen again”,
I’ll remember I once did, back then…
I’ll think back to the words you wrote,
The sugar blues and guitar notes…
And whether you did benefit
From all that clever Internet…
So with all my sincerity
I wish you luck and finally…

I hope that you enjoy the dime

I hope you enjoy the dime.

Dear Colin McCaffrey, I hope you enjoy the dime

2 thoughts on “Dear Colin McCaffrey, I hope you enjoy the dime

  1. Hey Jon
    This really made my day.
    I will be waiting by the mail box in anticipation of the royalty check!
    Thanks for spending some time listening and the responding.
    I am chipping away at a humble but fulfilling existence as a record producer and performer. People like yourself keep the ride interesting!
    Best to you and yours, Jon!

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