Day 1 of Storage Expo

Random thoughts…

– walking in was like the scene at the end of Trading Places, the noise, the hubbub. “Lots of people!” I remarked to Bob Plumridge. “Yes, but they’re all vendors!” he replied. True, but different later.

First session went pretty well, good level of questions and feedback

– Most of day spent taking repeated bites of the Expo apple. Too many people I know to list. Symantec, Riverbed, Pillar, EMC, LSI, Emulex, Plasmon, Quest, 3Par, Copan, IBM. Lots of conversations, all good. Friendships remade, relationships rebuilt, business redone. Sorted.

– Podcast with Reed on future of storage. It has one. Cool.

– Quick review of second pres with Xerox – then more of the same

Second presentation coincident with football kick-off England vs Russia. Disproportionate number of females in audience, which outnumber males – realise football is answer to rebalancing sexes in IT. Pres goes OK despite diminished numbers.

– Leave conf too late, arrive at pub after everyone has left, story of my life.

And tomorrow is another day.

Day 1 of Storage Expo

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