Clubbing – the LinkedIn way

As a test of the LinkedIn “Ask a question” mechanism and in response to a genuine need, I recently asked my network of connections what they thought about private clubs in London. I really had no idea – but having been stung for £250 one night I had this thought that there had to be cheap yet comfortable places to stay, if only I knew about them.

To my delight, I received no fewer than 10 responses, each from a different perspective. They ranged from the cheap and comfortable (just what I was looking for in fact), to the kinds of places that needed references before they’d give you a look-in, which is incidentally exactly where something like LinkedIn comes in extremely handy. Among the pointers were also links to useful web sites, such as for budget hotels. Several people also suggested block booking for a number of nights per year, which enabled rates to be negotiated. And finally, an old friend suggested we met up at his favoured joint for a beer next time I’m up.

So all in all, a rather good use of my time!

Clubbing – the LinkedIn way

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